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Market Consultancy

The Superyacht Intelligence Agency is the most comprehensive and valuable data partner for any business, investor or owner that needs to know the true state of the market.

A database of over 5,000 superyachts, 40,000 individuals and 6,500 international members spanning the superyacht industry, tracking trends and delivering accurate, insightful, historic and current data from a dedicated team of researchers and analysts, comes together in a multitude of bespoke consultancy reports.

Whether you want to plan your sales strategy, launch a new product, seek a new investor, analyse the cost of ownership, or require intelligence to support a new business plan, we have the knowledge and the team to provide you with the information and analysis for strategic decision-making.

Cruising patterns

  • Analysis of the transient nature of superyacht cruising trends and the community, including: where vessels cruise, how cruising decisions are made, and the needs and preferences of the larger vessels in the port
  • Expert opinion on the findings and comprehensive statistical analysis of the current fleet

Refit demand forecast

  • A market intelligence snapshot of the forecasted evolution of refit demand
  • Integration and analysis of a specific refit service provider’s position and future potential

Fleet Analysis – Product Range Gaps

  • Identifying superyacht range gaps, supported by the analysis of the current fleet, order book and design trends
  • Periodic fleet intelligence

Market Surveys – Analysis and Interpretation

Areas of focus:

  • Branding
  • Perception
  • Product range
  • Position against competitors
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Demand Potential
  • Consumer Opinion
  • Presence in the marketplace

Market Segmentation

  • Locating demand
  • Identification of market space
  • Competitor profiling
  • Financial stability analysis and interpretation; focusing on the financial performance of identified competitors. Interpretations of the client’s financial position, competitiveness and stability through financial benchmarking techniques

Strategic advisory

  • Strategic supportive management team advisory, the identification of opportunities and the next phase of the corporation’s development
  • Proposals and supportive recommendations for the reinvention and repositioning of the organization
  • Business modeling for new investment opportunities

Market space analysis

  • Independent identification of the current state of the marketplace
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking of the primary and secondary competitors.
  • Financial assessment and comparison of the identified competitors
  • Market share assessment and competitive comparison
  • Identification of the optimum, logical and profitable approach to the market
  • Identification of the key target audience following competitive research and assessment
  • Superyacht fleet analysis within the specified size category / location

Potential Ownership Plan

  • Analysis of the financial stability, technical capacity and any potential issues that should be highlighted in order to support the final ownership decision process
  • SWOT analysis of potential builders, showing their skills, product track record, new build capacity, shortcomings related to their project scope and an independent review of their financial stability and performance
  • Outline of the current methodology for contracting and financing (specifically security and payments)
  • OPEX and CAPEX Analysis

Marina investment & Economic Contribution Studies

  • Regional and economic distribution of marina berths over 30m worldwide
  • Analysis of industry potential and opportunities for sustained investment along with growth scenarios for marinas based on potential superyacht expenditure, regional economies and infrastructure strength
  • Overview of the Superyacht Marina sector in the W. Mediterranean, providing key statistics and indicators
  • Overview of the current state of the marina market in a specified location
  • Berth supply and demand
  • Berth rental market comparisons

Recent projects

  • Regional and economic distribution of marina berths over 30m within the Mediterranean for a leading marina investor
  • Unique intelligence on the refit and repair sector, with specific insight into captains’ decision-making processes
  • Investment potential for a private bank wishing to offer a product created specifically for the superyacht sector
  • Investor insight into the market position and potential of a target company prior to acquisition
  • A strategic business plan for a new company wishing to expand from commercial shipping into the superyacht sector
  • Insight and guidance for individual owners who have required OPEX and CAPEX studies on a variety of target superyachts for sale
  • Confidential due-diligence reports for owners looking to select new build shipyard based on key criteria
  • Detailed analysis of the brokerage sector for a potential investor looking to acquire a leading brand
  • Insight and intelligence for a confidential client on the buying process and influencers of the insurance market
  • Analysis and due diligence of 15 shipyards in order to support a potential owner’s buying decision
  • Brand analysis and market perception of a re-emerging product range that had been bought by a new investor
  • Interviews and market insight amongst a select group of owners on their perception and appreciation of a well-known shipyard
  • Financial and technical due diligence reports and analysis of two major shipyards that were on the shortlist for a major new build project

A host of confidential consultancy projects by the Superyacht Intelligence Agency have delivered powerful and insightful reports on a variety of topics, which are becoming an increasingly impressive dimension of our product portfolio.

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